Heater Buddy 4 & 9,000 btu

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Product Overview

The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy heater is a 4,000-9,000 British thermal unit propane heater that will effectively heat a tent as large as 225 square feet. This heater can also be used outside to help you to stay warm while ice fishing, camping, or hunting in cold weather. If you are having an outdoor social gathering, just set up this unit and enjoy the radiant warmth it provides. If you have ice buildup on your car or driveway, this heater can quickly melt it.The strong radiant warmth is dissipated naturally without the use of blowers or fans. When you pick it up, it automatically shuts off due to its safety motion sensor. The accessories even shut off if the pilot goes out. You can use these accessories in your kitchen for home warmth in the event of a power outage. This portable propane gas heater is equipped with an accidental tip-over safety shut-off feature and a sensor to detect oxygen depletion to help keep you safe and warm all year long. This product only needs a clearance of 24 inches, allowing it to fit in small, tight spaces.Directly connected to a 1-pound propane cylinder, this portable MH9BX is easy to use. You simply turn the knob to pilot and push, and the Piezo sparking mechanism will do the rest for you. On the low setting, this series of Buddy heating equipment delivers 4,000 British thermal units per hour. On high, it yields 9,000 British thermal units per hour. These heaters last for about six hours on the low setting and about three hours on the high setting. You may also use 20-pound propane tank supplies with optional hose and filter accessories for longer performance. If you do use the 20-pound storage tank, it will yield about two days of continuous heat. If you need to check the fuel level, the gauge on the side of the unit is easy to read.The comfortable carrying handle on this unit folds down to save space. There's no need to worry about your heater being knocked over in the middle of the night or filling the area with dangerous fumes. These heating accessories work well for indoor and outdoor conditions, deliver clean burning, and maintain healthy oxygen levels. The built-in sensor automatically turns off the unit if it detects depleted oxygenation levels.These helpful accessories are safe to use around kids and pets because the flame is enclosed. The wire protection grid also keeps furniture and clothing from exposure to the heat. This system is also approved to use on wood or composite patios, under tables at tailgate parties, and in parked construction trailers. This device is a great piece of gear that friends and family will certainly appreciate when it gets cold.This MH9BX weighs just 10.6 pounds. The heater measures roughly 14.25 inches long by 9 inches wide by 15 inches tall. You can store these warming accessories in your garage, shed, or basement. If you have some extra fuel tanks to store, you can also place those in a climate-controlled environment indoors.

Product Identifiers
Brand Mr. Heater
Model MH9BX
MPN F232000
UPC 089301320000, 089301320406
Key Features
Type Utility/Portable
Power Source Gas
Heating Element Propane
BTU 4000 - 9000 BTU
Features Carrying Handle, Power Indicator
Safety Features Automatic Shut-Off
Width 13.38 in.
Depth 7.75 in.
Height 15 in.
Weight 11 lb.