Maxxeon 5200 LUMENATOR® Jr - The Compact Professional LED Work Light

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Product Overview

The LUMENATOR®Jr is a compact professional, cordless LED work light that produces 1250/600/300 lumens, runs for 2/5/9 hours and is competitively priced.

Its unique hexagon shape combined with the nylon handle allows the light to be positioned on a variety of surfaces. The rubber bumper around the aluminum body/heatsink protects the edges and provides good surface grip.

The nylon handle tilts 180 degrees and acts like a support leg or mounting point. The hole in the handle mounts the optional telescopic tripod and Neodymium magnetic base accessories, but can also be used as a permanent or semi-permanent mounting point.

The On/Off switch cycles through the three brightness settings for easy operation. The High setting provides an intense level 1250 daylight white lumens, with a run time of 2 hr. The Medium setting provides a very practical level of 600 lm for 5 hr, while the Low setting is great for emergency or all night lighting with a 9 hr run time at 300 lm. This is all made possible by the technologically advanced 10 W COB (Chips On Board) LED and the powerful Li-ion 2200 mAh battery pack, which is user replaceable. Three green LEDs are arranged in a bar graph format to indicate both the battery life and the charge level.

The superior brightness levels are only part of the story; the beam pattern is important as well. The COB LEDs plus the unique "fresnel-like" lens creates an ultra wide floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The diameter to distance ratio is about 3:1, meaning for example, the beam diameter is about 9 ft wide when the light is 3 ft from an object. The WorkStar® 5200 can light up a whole room, an engine bay, or a campsite, you name it. It is flexible, versatile and tough.

The LUMENATOR®Jr is a professional tool that is ready for hard work. It is only 7 x 6.5 x 2 inches and weighs in at 1.5 lb about half the size of the LUMENATOR®. It stores easily in the center console of your pick up truck or in a small tool box. It is rated for an operational temperature range from 15º to 105ºF. It has ingress protection rating of IP65, which means it dust tight and water resistent to water jets and rain. It has an impact test rating of IK07, which means it can absorb 2 J of energy and it has a drop test rating of 6 ft, ensuring a long, trouble-free life.