Maxxeon Head Lamp

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Product Overview

The MAXXEON WorkStar® 621 Technician's Rechargeable Headlamp is a high performance, professional LED light with an amazing brightness of 700 lumens. It features a light head that not only pivots up and down, but has an adjustable 6X zoom lens allowing you to focus the beam on your work area. With the light at the front and the batteries at the rear, the weight is evenly distributed, making it easy to wear for extended periods of time. A single switch allows you to cycle through Low/Medium/High/Off.

The WorkStar® 621 is the 3rd Generation of our headlamp. Relative to the 2nd Gen, there are a number of improvements: better strain relief on wire exiting battery pack, stronger wire between battery pack and connector, improved micro USB jack and plug, stronger clips on battery cover and improved plastic material to strengthen plastic hinges, the extension cord has been increased from 3 to 4 ft to accommodate taller users and the headlamp now features a daylight white LED with less blue light.

The features that separated the 620 from the competition are all included in the 621, such as the connector between the battery pack and the light module - allowing you to have spare battery packs charged and ready to go so you can quickly swap one pack out for another. Spare battery packs are called the WorkStar® 601 and are available separately. Sometimes you may need to mount the battery pack on your belt instead on the back of your head. No problem! Just disconnect the battery pack and unclip it from the headband. Connect the free 4 ft extension and clip the battery back to your belt or pocket. It's that easy.

The WorkStar® 621 is USB rechargeable. Just plug the charging cord into the included wall power supply/charger, the USB jack in your truck or laptop or even the USB output port of our new WorkStar® 5400 LUMENATOR®Sr. The red/green charging indicator is located on the back of the battery pack, beside the recessed power switch. As before, four hard hat clips are included, so you can securely fasten the headband to the rim of your hard hat.

It is worth pointing out a special feature of the 621 that most other headlamps don't offer. The headband assembly is not permanently attached to the battery pack and the light head. Rather, it is fastened with easy to use clips that allow you to quickly unclip the headband from the battery pack and light head and then clip the battery pack and light head to your belt, or whatever else you wish to clip it to. And you can easily wash or replace the headband.

We invite you to compare performance, versatility and durability with ordinary headlamps and then do what thousands of techs and tradespeople have already done - go for the Perfect Headlamp - the WorkStar® 621 Technician's Rechargeable Headlamp from MAXXEON.

     • Rugged aluminum alloy casing
     • 3 brightness levels: High, Medium, Low
     • High: 700 lumens, 2 hour run time
     • Medium: 400 lumens, 4 hour run time
     • Low: 150 lumens, 8 hour run time
     • Adjustable 6X zoom lens for flood or spot
       lighting or anything in between
     • Light head aims forward and pivots down
       90 degrees with 4 indent positions
     • Comfortable, adjustable head strap
     • Evenly distributed weight balance
     • Four hard hat clips are included
     • Recharges without removing the batteries
     • Hot swap removable battery pack
     • Includes 4 foot (1.2 m) curly extension cord
     • Red/green charge indicator on battery pack
     • 6 hour charge time
     • Includes UL-approved 100-240 VAC,
       50/60 Hz power supply with USB output