Maxxeon LightStik Technician's LED Work Light

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Product Overview

The Maxxeon LightStik™ WorkStar® 1000 Technician's Professional LED Work Light is a handheld, cordless, Li-ion rechargeable "slim" light. It features a long, narrow light bar that can fit into hard to reach places. The light bar is a powerful 600 lumen wide beam COB LED, plus there is a handy narrow beam penlight LED on the end of the light bar that can easily illuminate those really hard to reach black holes. The LightStik™ head tilts 120 degrees with 5 indented positions, so the 2 lights can be aimed in any direction.

Main Light: The 5 W COB LED has 2 brightness settings. The HIGH setting produces 600 lm with a run time of 2 hours, and the LOW setting is 260 lm for 5.5 hours. The LED color is daylight white at about 5800K with CRI>80. The beam ratio is 3:1, which means the diameter of the beam is 3 times the distance from the light to the object or in other words, a very wide beam. Just as important, the beam is consistent over the entire beam diameter, no hot spots, dark spots or rings.

Top Light: The 3 W Cree LED on the end of the light bar produces 120 lm and has a run time of 7 hours. The LED color is daylight white at about 5800K with CRI>65. The beam ratio is 1.5:1, which for a "penlight" is a wide beam. Just like the main beam, this bonus light creates very consistent beam over the entire beam diameter.

Battery Indicator: Like its big brothers in the LUMENATOR® series, the Technician's Work Light features an innovative battery indicator that works both during charging and while the light is operating. Three green LEDs are arrange in a bar graph format, so the status of the battery is never a mystery.

Charging: The WorkStar® 1000's 18650 Li-ion battery is charged via a micro USB jack, so it can be charged in a vehicle or anywhere there is a USB port. A small wall plug with USB output is included. The battery should last for many years in normal operation. It is user replaceable and replacement batteries will be available on our Buy Parts Now page.

Body: The LightStik's™ body is made from ABS and has soft rubber coating that provides a secure grip. The 2 main features of the body are the tilting head and the magnetic base. The head tilts 120 degrees in 5 indented positions, so the 2 lights can be aimed as necessary. The powerful, rubber covered magnetic base works in conjunction with the tilting head and the very wide beam to provide superior hands-free operation. Unlike some of the competition, the base is very wide and stable, so even when the light is not stuck to a ferrous surface, the light won't tip over when the head is tilted. It's only 13 in long and weighs less than pound. With an IP54 rating it is water resistant to water jets and rain. With an IK07 impact test and 6 ft drop test ratings, it is a dependable, professional tool.